Classroom Grant Opportunities

Looking for a grant for supplies for your classroom? Follow the QSM grant link here. Want more tips and tricks for writing classroom grants? Please watch this grant info session video to learn about other classroom supply grant opportunities.

Research Grant Opportunities

BRBytes Grant

The US Department of Education granted LSU $4M through the Education Innovation and Research Program Grant to study the impact of Computational Thinking in the learning of Mathematics.

This is an Early-Phase research project to study a course developed by LSU, Introduction to Computational Thinking (ICT), that integrates teaching the fundamentals of computing, programming, and mathematics reinforcement in a project-based setting with functions as the overarching theme.

If successful, this study will inform development of future courses nationwide that integrate the two subjects. This is a high-stakes study with possible long term benefits.

Micro-Credential Grant

What is the Louisiana STEM Micro-Credential Project? This project involves the development and testing of a set of micro-credentials intended to allow teachers to apply what they have learned through their STEM Pathway training to the classes they teach. The micro-credential grant is no longer actively recruiting, but check back here for the results of the study which will be available in 2025!

Micro-credential pamphlet accessible version